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Classic Peruvian Squash Stew (Locro)

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We are a small family restaurant that specializes in Peruvian cuisine and are asking for your help.

The restaurant offered “Ladies Night” and it consisted of ladies getting well drinks and wine for half the price between 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. once a week.

Recently we were sued for discrimination alleging that all patrons who do not identify as female, including men, non-binary individuals and transgender men, were required to pay full price for their alcoholic beverages while patrons who identify as female were given 50% off their drinks and now we are facing a difficult hardship in having to pay for the lawsuit and attorney’s fees.

This legal action is financially devastating to us and threatens the survivorship of the restaurant, the jobs of our employees and the well-being of their families as we are struggling to cover the costs of legal representation, court fees, and other related expenses while trying to avoid financial ruin.

 Please assist us gathering the necessary funds so we can continue to serve the community as we have enjoyed doing for so many years.

 Thanks in advance for your generosity!